Speakers Directory

A directory of tech-savvy speakers and writers on the subject of technology and society.

Anne Currie. London-based and available for podcasts and online talks. Anne has been in the tech industry for 25 years as an engineer and startup founder. She is a conference organiser and speaks and talks regularly on ethics and on energy use in data centres as well as the efficiency of architectural choices.

Some of her writing and speaking: InfoQ, The Register, TheNewStack. She has keynoted at various conferences in London and Europe including: Velocity, Hashiconf, Cloud Native, Software Circus.

She is also the author of the SciFi Panopticon series.

Contact: @anne_e_currie

Dr Caitlin McDonald. London-based, Dr McDonald is a Digital Anthropologist for the Leading Edge Forum. She helps business leaders and teams learn to step outside their version of ‘normal,’ suspend judgement, and consider things from many different perspectives.

Recognised for her domain knowledge in qualitative methods like ethnography and participant-observation, Caitlin spent six years at the quantitative coal face developing analytical models and designing dashboards for the world’s largest collaboration and talent network for education professionals.

Caitlin is a trustee for Ellpha Citizen.

Contact: @cmcd_phd

Kingsley Davies. Brighton-based technologist and conference organiser.

Kingsley runs an independent and ethically driven coffee shop on the South Coast called South-by-West. Outside of the World of coffee, Kingsley is a partner at Underscore Consulting, who build scalable systems using functional programming. Kingsley co-founded GoodTechConf which is a conference about ethics, technology and social responsibility as well as co-hosting the future tech podcast Breakpoint Radio.

Contact: @kings13y

Jennifer Riggins. Tech storyteller, journalist, podcaster and public speaker, based in London and remotely. She is focused on where tech and culture meet and/or clash. This ranges from infrastructure and distributed systems, to DevOps, CI/CD and agile, to ethics, climate change, accountability, diversity and inclusion. It's about people, but also tech and processes should be examined for where they help and hinder potential. Jen interviews under-represented people in tech first and foremost.

Contact: @JKRiggins

Paul Johnston is a UK based interim CTO, CTO and strategist who has particular interests in serverless, cloud, startups and climate change. Formerly Senior Developer Advocate at AWS for Serverless and CTO of multiple startups including one of the world’s first serverless startups. Paul is also an unpaid Director of a Community Energy Company in his home town of Milton Keynes, which owns over 300kW of solar arrays on buildings in the area, and aims to use the profits to benefit the local community.

Paul is a keynote speaker, tweets a lot at @PaulDJohnston and blogs a lot on Medium. May also be working in stealth mode on something (it’s probably serverless and to do with energy).

Contact: @PaulDJohnston