Tech Ethics for Developers

Ethics & Responsible Technology

Where are we as an industry and how did we get here?

80% of developers don’t feel it’s their responsibility if unethical products go live. Are they right?

We're here to question who is ultimately responsible for the impact of tech products, for good and bad, and what they can do about it.

Code doesn't kill people, product managers do? Or is it shareholders? CEOs? Developers? Do we all need to be informed and responsible?

About Code:Ethics

We are a London-based community group dedicated to bringing together open source resources for developers on ethical and responsible technical decision making & how to get your voice heard. It is a collaboration between industry, community groups and academia.

Everything on this site & blog is available to use under a creative commons, non-attribution license. Use it as you like for commercial or non-commercial purposes - it's there to share.

The material will be the basis of a brand new Responsible Technology module for the Computer Science MSc at the University of Hertfordshire.

Community & Speaker Directory

Included in our resources is a list of active speakers in the area of ethics in technology.

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  • Coed:Ethics, the London-based meetup promoting diversity in tech.
  • Container Solutions.
  • The Sustainable Servers 2024 campaign.

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Our 2018 technology and ethics conference had 120 attendees from industry, charities, and academic institutions.

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